EarlyBird について

EarlyBirdは、株式会社マインド・アーキテクトが現在開発中の中小企業向け全自動融資プラットフォームです。 ビッグデータ&機械学習に基づき構築されるアルゴリズム(AI)は、融資申請者のプロファイルを多面的に捉え、迅速かつ正確な融資判断を行います。EarlyBirdはテクノロジーを通じて、中小企業やスタートアップに新たな金融サービスを提供し、事業の成長を支えます。


About EarlyBird

EarlyBird is a fully-automated lending platform for SMEs, developed by Mind Architect Inc. The algorithm (AI), which is trained based on Big Data and Machine Learning, accurately and quickly examines a loan application, taking into account various aspects of each applicant. Our mission is to support sustainable growth of businesses by offering technology-based financial products to SMEs and startups.

EarlyBird is a registered trademark in Japan by Mind Architect Inc.

Please contact us for details regarding EarlyBird.